Alexandra Kirsch



  • adapto (Manager, 01/19/2011)



05:17 PM adapto Revision 95: - tested debugged writing and reading occurrence data to/from database
Alexandra Kirsch


04:29 PM adapto Revision 94: - fixed use of tags for automaton definition
- adapted format-experience for hierarchical automata
- exteded abstract experience definition with occurrence-handling
Alexandra Kirsch


04:50 PM adapto Revision 93: - changed generated code for experience acquisition so that when no data is available, experience is not delivered
- fixed bug in registration of cram-tasks: in old version two data acquisition functions could not detect the same pl... Alexandra Kirsch


04:43 PM adapto Revision 92: - changed experience definitions according to changes in RoLL
- rearranged roll test files
- created two new test files
Alexandra Kirsch
04:41 PM adapto Revision 91: - added invariant for automaton specification
- added possibility of using tags for task specification
- fixed some issues that came up with multiple occurrences
Alexandra Kirsch


02:33 PM adapto Revision 86: - added code for retrieval of interval data from database
Alexandra Kirsch
10:42 AM adapto Revision 85: - debugged recording of interval data: works now for raw experience and writing into database (retrieval not yet debugged)
- fixed recording of begin/end data with copy-object-values Alexandra Kirsch


10:40 AM adapto Revision 76: - extended input conversion to accept automaton-var specifications without providing automaton name
- exteded syntax for input conversion, so that variable specifications in :set-var... :to... can be clarified by prov... Alexandra Kirsch


04:18 PM adapto Revision 75: - extended parsing of raw experiences to allow embedding of :desig-value in arbitrary expressions
Alexandra Kirsch
10:22 AM adapto Revision 73: - commented weka learning problem, because weka not yet installed on laptop
Alexandra Kirsch

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